Before and After

April 27th, 2015 by Marshall

It’s been 2 years since we moved to 410 S. Salisbury St. in downtown Raleigh. Check out these before and after pictures!

“So… can you tell us what exactly we’ll be doing for the next three days?”

It was a straightforward question that everyone in the room seemed to be thinking. Will and I were in Vancouver for the Hyper Island Master Class, IMG_2958a self-proclaimed “intensive learning experience that will challenge your thinking and perception on the influence and possibilities within digital media.”

Looking back, it’s hard to express all the knowledge and inspiration that I gained from this course. More than anything, it shifted my thinking forward: What is the future of media? Though equipment and technology have revolutionized media, video at its core has remained the same. It’s about telling a great story. But technology is becoming more affordable and accessible. How can we merge video, design, and technology to shape the future, rather than simply react to it?

4 Key Takeaways from Hyper Island:

1. Trajectory Thinking: What’s Next?

If you’re only thinking about today, you’re already behind. While creating goals and plans for business, think about what’s next. At Myriad, we can make a kick-ass video in our sleep. But what about other types of media? How will we respond if a non-video project lights a fire under our staff?


Zolty from Breakfast Agency inspiring us all

2. Embrace change! Embrace the future!

The future is fun! The possibilities are endless. If you get inspired, create something. In business, give small groups the opportunity to focus on quick sprint projects and see what happens. Allow room for innovation and play. Good things will happen.

3. Friction Points for Real People

Start with a problem. What are you trying to solve? Rather than trying to create the next big thing, start small and identify a friction point that can be improved upon. Then, think about your user as a real person. What do they want to gain from this experience, and how can you help them?

4. Test, Reflect, Adjust, Repeat

When playing with new technology and ideas, the most important thing is iteration. Test a project, and then step back. What worked? What didn’t? Adjust your plan and try again. Success is not defined by creating the next big thing, it’s about learning and growing. Keep your eyes open for inspiration and just fucking do it.

I have been on TV for 12 seconds and in front of the legislature for three minutes regarding the bills. 12 seconds is not enough time to read the instructions on a shampoo bottle, and three minutes is an average trip in an elevator. I am not skilled enough at speaking to convey my thoughts in either timeframe.

I want to provide a small business perspective on this issue. Will Feichter and I started Myriad Media 22 years ago.  We now have 20 people in Raleigh, 17 in Vancouver, and we’re working on an office in NYC.


Despite all the growth, there is an absolute truth: Your people make you successful. I love every person on our team, and we are humbled to consider these marvelous folks our co-workers.

Because of this, we could imagine no greater insult than to infringe on anyone’s personal choices.

In fact, the only discussion we would ever have with a co-worker regarding their lifestyle is if we could offer some measure of support.

That is our issue with these hostile bills:

How can we foster a healthy work-life balance when our legislature feels that those decisions should be at the discretion of a stranger’s religious expressions?

And how can we recruit and maintain top-level talent with that kind of culture? Our state is currently creating a hostile environment for many North Carolinians. The respectful environment we strive to build at Myriad can not compete with a dysfunctional community.

These legislative efforts, whether or not they pass, tell people that North Carolina does not care for a specific group of people. As a small business owner, it is my responsibility to show that I am adamantly opposed to this message, and that Myriad will always honor a person’s right to guide their own life.

Should this push away a would-be or existing client, we will consider it as avoiding business relationships that aren’t a healthy fit for our culture. We will always fight against discrimination.


Years ago, our country had a discussion about who has the right to be served at the lunch counter. North Carolina came out on the wrong side of that argument, and it resulted in decades of damaged reputation and lack of trust.

Here we are again, having the same argument, fighting again to be on the wrong side of history. Only this time, I know what damage it can cause to a business.

The current attempt to define “religious freedom” as some special class of freedom only serves as an excuse to minimize the freedoms of others. There’s nothing more sacred than the freedom of each person to guide their own life and personal choices.

That’s a fight we are very happy to be public about.

Stress. It’s unavoidable in the workplace (and life in general). As a producer, it’s something I’ve found I can never truly escape. Producers are always thinking of how to make the client, internal team, and project happy—while putting out fires along the way. Through the years, I’ve read a lot of tips about stress management, and I’ve tried many to see what works best for me.

I recently came across this blog post, How to Deal with Stress: 33 Tips That Work, and considered which ones I incorporate into my daily life.

“Write everything down.”

With all of the task-tracking apps available, I’m one who opts for the tried-and-true, written ‘to-do’ list. I start my morning by writing down whatever I can think of that needs to get done. Even in this digital age, there’s something still so gratifying about crossing tasks off a physical list.

“If it does not get done, then there is a day tomorrow, too.”

This was one of the hardest lessons for me to learn. It all comes down to prioritization. Get done what has to get done today. If there are other tasks that you can get done tomorrow, don’t beat yourself up about it. That will only add to your stress!

“Don’t make mountains out of molehills.”

Focus on the problem at hand. Don’t overthink it, or create problems that don’t exist. Yes, there are many things that could happen. But if they aren’t happening right now, push those thoughts aside, and look at what is right in front of you. Solve that problem first.

“Just breathe.”

For me, this is the best and simplest method for dealing with stress. Whether in the office or on set, taking a few quiet moments to clear my head and then refocus always helps.

Stress will always be there. It’s how you choose to deal with it that truly matters. What works best for you?

Slingshot Coffee

March 3rd, 2015 by Tina

Last week, Slingshot Coffee Company’s founder and CEO, Jenny Bonchak, competed at the United States Brewers Cup Championship in Long Beach, California. She took second place!


Two years ago, we told the story behind Slingshot in one of our first ever Campsite projects. Campsite is a place for Myriad Media employees to work on projects that inspire them, teach them new skills, and contribute to their communities.

When we made this video, Jenny was still sharing a kitchen with a local restaurant and brewing Slingshot on her off-hours, often late into the night.

Congratulations, Jenny! Check out the journey that led to Slingshot Coffee, below:

I Love Light

February 26th, 2015 by Tony

It’s an amazing thing in life: Light. Ever been sitting at a camp fire and just fall in love with the way everything has such a warm glow and flicker? Or maybe you have some friends coming over one evening. You turn on all the lights to clean, but before anyone gets there, you turn off everything but just the right lamps, maybe the fireplace and a few candles. The house immediately looks inviting.

One of my favorite recent memories was sitting right next to the deep green field at Fenway Park just as the sun was setting. No word for that other than magic. I love baseball, and no matter what, being there live is incredible. But in that moment, that lighting, I realized that it will be a memory I will tell my grandkids about.

I’ve also seen lighting bleach life and emotion away. My young cousin passed away last summer. He was 32. There was no escaping the tragedy and crushing pain my family felt. When my family arrived at the funeral home, after the immediate impact of facing loss, I felt cold and uncomfortable. The sanctuary was lit with florescent lights. No area of warmth—just even light, cold and flat.

If you look at great moments of your life, I’m guessing there was light that lent a sense of magic and permanence.

I’ve had several gaffers (professional lighting) who worry that all the new and wonderfully sensitive cameras will be the end of their trade. Yes, new cameras allow you to do far more with fewer lights and wattage. New cameras are wonderfully sharp and clean. But is that the magic of what you see?

My wife called me on the way home a few nights ago to ask if I could see the sunset. I was in the middle of getting home as quickly as I could to grab my camera and snap a few shots. We almost always have a great view of any sunset at home. My street is named Red Sunset Drive. I made it in time to grab a few shots. The truly wonderful thing about sunsets is that they are the great equalizer. No matter where you are, a spectacular sunset will make you feel love, feel part of a special moment, make you feel the awe of nature.

Sunsets are nothing but lighting.

I love light.

1101 Sunset - pana

Every so often on a Friday at 4pm, we assemble to learn about a topic centered around the world of video production. Also to drink a beer… or a shot of Maker’s… or both.

5M8A1537  5M8A1580 Here Marisa is visibly upset; she has neither a beer nor a shot of Maker’s.

“Where is my beer!? I want my beer!” – Marisa

What could possibly make this beer, whiskey, and education combo any better?


Sharp objects, of course! Arrow Haircuts graciously hosted our latest Film School Friday, while Myriad’s DP Fiddy Kent taught us the ins and outs of the infinitely useful/frustrating C-Stand.


“This is the church…”


“…this is the steeple…”


“…open the doors…”


“…alright look guys it’s just a C-Stand.” – Fiddy

Check out our guide below. Thanks to Ryan for the photos.

FSF-The Art of the C-Stand

Hello everyone! I’m excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for two summer internship positions. Click the links below to be directed to the applications:

Program Summary

The Myriad Mentorship is a three-month-long summer internship program designed to help college students increase their knowledge and experience in a real-world, creative business setting. Interns will have a mentor (a full-time Myriad employee) who will directly oversee their work on a day-to-day basis. The primary goals of the mentorship program are:

    • HELP PEOPLE: This is Myriad Way Number One. We want to give great opportunities to smart, talented, hardworking people. The folks at Myriad want to give back to the community that has helped them get to where they are today.
    • TEACH: We want our interns to be challenged every day. Our internship is centered around interactive education. Ensuring that every student comes away with knowledge, experience, and new skills in their field of interest is important to us. When students are not working on real-world assignments, they’ll have access to things like online training courses, reading materials, production gear and inspirational videos catered to their discipline. Many of the day-to-day projects and opportunities will be based on the student’s level of experience, skill set, career goals, and summer schedule (see the bottom of this post for examples of past projects completed by our interns).
    • INSPIRE: We want our interns to leave the program with the desire to keep growing. We want to show them what’s possible, as well as provide the encouragement and support for them to get there. We are passionate about what we do and we want to help students discover and pursue what they are passionate about.
    • BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: Working with students allows us to build relationships with them over time. Our goal is to find students who will work with our team over the years. We want to find interns who we can trust—and who can trust us. We want to work with people who share similar values and inspire us every day. We like working with people who challenge us to think and see things differently, and who are humble and willing to learn from others, too.

Interested in seeing some of the projects our amazingly talented interns have done in the past?

  • Sam was our 2014 Summer Production Intern. Read this blog post to learn more about his experience at Myriad, and take a look at his final video project below:

  • Todd was our 2013 Summer Production Intern. Read this blog post to learn how Todd approached his final video project below:

  • Luke was our 2013 Summer Marketing Intern. He focused on improving our social media and digital strategy. For his final project, he researched and wrote all of the content in this white paper.

Shoot me an email at if you have any questions. I am always looking for ways to improve our program, and would love any advice, tips, or inspiration you have to offer!




We are looking for an eager, hard-working, passionate summer intern with a desire to learn more about the video production industry. You must be a student enrolled in a university to be considered for the internship.

Additional requirements include:

  • Solid understanding of Mac OS
  • Solid understanding of Adobe CS Production Suite, especially Adobe Premiere and Photoshop.
  • Experience in field production, such as basic camera skills and general knowledge of lighting and audio equipment.

Job Description and Position Focus:

  • Education and skill development in the area of media production.
  • Production support throughout projects, including but not limited to: Preparing projects for post-production, rough-cut editing, management and archival of footage and masters, etc.
  • Performing field production duties such as shooting, gripping, audio, script supervision and production assistant responsibilities.
  • Assist in miscellaneous day-to-day activities and general administrative tasks such as scheduling, obtaining props, client deliveries, etc.
  • Educational projects and activities not related to client-specific work (video blog posts, online training classes).

Final Project: You will produce, shoot, and edit a 2-3 minute video during the course of your internship. Your production mentor will oversee your progress along the way. During your final week, you will present the video to our team during our bi-weekly Creative Lunch.

Position Length: We are looking to fill one part-time production intern position this summer. The start and end dates are flexible, depending on your school calendar. Tentative dates run from May 18 through August 14.

Hours: Ideally, 2-3 full days per week. Specific days are flexible; we’re just looking
for consistency.

Compensation: The intern will receive a stipend for this internship.

To Apply:

Please email the following to

  • Demo reel/work samples (please include these links in the body of your email and specify your role in each video sample)
  • Resume (attach as a .pdf)
  • Answers to the application questionnaire at the bottom of this page (attach as a .pdf)


  • In the email subject line, please use the following format:

2015 Production Intern – First Name, Last Name

Example: 2015 Production Intern – Joe Smith

  • Cover letters are too formal for our taste. In the body of your email, just tell us about yourself – for example, what are you passionate about, what inspires you, why did you get involved in video production, why do you want to work at Myriad, or anything else you think we should know about.
  • Links to your demo reel/work samples are mandatory, but please feel free to include any other links you think might be helpful – your blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

The deadline to apply is April 3, 2015. If your application does not include all of the mandatory items, it will not be considered. No phone calls or drop-ins please.

Application Questionnaire:

  1. Tell us about one of your sample video projects. What did you enjoy most about the project? What went well? What did you learn?
  2. Who are some of your role models?
  3. Do you have a favorite TV series, movie, or book? Pick one and tell us why you love it.

Hello, future Marketing Directors! We are seeking an intern who is interested in marketing and business development in a creative agency environment. We’re looking for someone who loves research and strategy, building relationships, branding, and digital marketing. Ideally, you will bring positive energy, a strong work ethic, and new business ideas to our fun group here in Raleigh, NC.

You must be a student enrolled in a university, working towards a degree in Marketing, Advertising, Business, Public Relations or other related discipline.

Additional Requirements Include:

  • Solid understanding of Mac OS.
  • Significant experience in social media and digital marketing.
  • Thorough knowledge of the marketing, sales, and public relations field.
  • You are a self-starter and can work at an unsupervised and self-directed pace.
  • You love strategy, technology, and helping people.
  • You are an excellent writer and communicator.

Job Description and Position Focus:

The intern will work directly with Myriad’s business development and marketing team. You will be given real-world assignments and projects that include:

  • Developing and writing new content for our social media platforms.
  • Participating in sales pushes (client research, market analysis, general strategy, assembling collateral packages).
  • Creating content for our blog and assisting with the creation of additional marketing materials.
  • Assisting with event planning.
  • Participating in client meetings and proposal generation.
  • Working with our Production Intern on specific educational assignments.

Position Length: We are looking to fill one part-time marketing intern position this summer. The start and end dates are flexible, depending on your school calendar. Tentative dates run from May 18 through August 14.

Hours: Ideally 2-3 full days per week. Specific days are flexible; we’re just looking for consistency.

Compensation: The intern will receive a stipend for this internship.

To Apply:

Please email the following to

  • Resume (attach as a .pdf)
  • Answers to the application questionnaire at the bottom of this page (attach as a .pdf)


  • In the email subject line, please use the following format:

2015 Marketing Intern – First Name, Last Name
Example: 2015 Marketing Intern – Joe Smith

  • Cover letters are too formal for our taste. In the body of your email, just tell us about yourself – for example, what are you passionate about, what inspires you, why do you want to intern at Myriad, or anything else you think we should know about.
  • While not mandatory, please include links to online portfolios, blogs, LinkedIn, or any other websites if you have them.

The deadline to apply is April 3, 2015. If your application does not include all of the mandatory items, it will not be considered. No phone calls or drop-ins please.

Application Questionnaire:

  1. Customer service is big here. Tell us about a time you provided or received excellent customer service. Why was it memorable?
  2. What is your favorite book, TV series, or movie? Why?
  3. If we update our website this year, what do you recommend we improve upon? Be ruthlessly honest.